Hi-Fi Curious airs Tuesdays (we used to kick off the week on a Monday evening, but we're in a new home now) between 7 and 8pm on 2HR, Huddersfield Hospital Radio, and is presented by Carolyn and John. Here's John in the studio, as viewed from Carolyn's engineer's seat:

He's probably air-drumming with his pen - he does that.

2HR only broadcasts to the hospital buildings at Huddersfield - licensing innit - so the show is only available to those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the HRI of a Tuesday evening. This companion blog will feature track listings, maybe some clips of the records we play and some comments about them from the pair of us.

We don't have a theme or a remit as such, just put together an entertaining hour of new music, old music, stuff you know, stuff you don't and a couple of format ideas (it's not just flung together, y'know). Hopefully there's something for everyone in there. That's the idea anyway.

One thing that never changes is our theme tune:

which plays us in and out every week.

Carolyn is also on air on Tuesday nights for the request show and John is on the sports team, commentating on Huddersfield Town football and Huddersfield Giants rugby league home games from the stadium formerly known as the Kirklees/McAlpine/Galpharm and presenting the Monday night sports talk show, Sportsline.

Views expressed on this blog are entirely personal and are not necessarily the views of Huddersfield Hospital Radio.

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Leslie Horseman said...

Now I've read the about section and I know you're doing hospital radio, I'm even more impressed with the forward looking playlists. :)