Tuesday, 26 April 2016

26 April 2016

Hello again.

Riz MC - Englistan
Actor, poet, polymath Riz Ahmed has a new collection out, of which this is the title track. Available as a pay-what-you-like download. Excellent stuff.

Ukepunk - Girl Across The Road
Ukulele and punk - what's not to love? There is a new EP, From The North, but this is taken from the 2014 LP Punk Police.

The Wave Pictures - Slick Black River From The Rain
From last year's A Season In Hull LP. Love em to bits and they play The Parish next month.

Featured album: Stereolab - Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements
Analogue Rock
Lock-Groove Lullaby
1993 saw Stereolab move up into the big leagues and Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements was their first on the majors. Unmistakeable and unmatched.

The Julie Ruin - I Decide
Kathleen Hanna, ex of Bikini Kill, fronts this relatively new band. The new LP Hit Reset is out in July.

Seize The Chair - Secret Sister
New single from the boisterous Sheffield bunch.

The World - Managerial Material
The title track from their new EP which came out on April 1. Double sax, dub guitar. Amazing. From Oakland, CA.

City Yelps - Now
Lo-fi from Leeds, this is off their forthcoming debut LP.

The Blinders - 84
From Donny, but now playing out of Manchester, this is off their debut EP Hidden Horror Dance. The aim, they say, is to be in your face all the time. I'll leave that to you.

Tibet - I'll Put You In My Pocket
'60s inspired rock from their debut EP Fridge.

Featured album
Stereolab - Tone Burst
The opening track from Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements.

The Ramisko Maki Maki Rocking Horse - And We Will Dance
That's a hell of a name. Ray McCartney is the Ramisko Maki Maki Rocking Horse and last summer's LP was Possessed By The Gods Of Cowbell Oblongata.

Sean Grant and The Wolfgang - Brother
From Northants, off the EP 7 Deadly 7 which is out on May 6.

The Antikaroshi - The Only Witness
Krautrock from Germany - aptly - from their fourth LP, the catchily titled 11 Songs Mostly Written And Played On Wednesday Evenings By A Band Called The Antikaroshi.

Laurence Made Me Cry - Mneme II (Dementio13 remix)
Jo Whitby, aka Laurence Made Me Cry, released the EP Titan's Daughters earlier this month and it's been given the remix treatment. One of them by house favourite Dementio13.

Gerry And The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone
Dedicated to the tireless seekers of justice. 27 years and maybe now those families can start to grieve.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

19 April 2016

My 150th show. Blimey.

False Advertising - You're Too Slow
Manc rockers with a new EP called Brainless. Out on Friday.

The Spook School - Speak When You're Spoken To
This has been around a while. The album Try To Be Helpful came out last October, but there's a new video for this one which is huge fun and brought it back to mind.

Oscar - Good Things
Oscar Scheller's relentless quest for stardom continues with another great single. The album Cut And Paste is coming soon.

Featured Album
Sultans Of Ping FC - Casual Sex In The Cineplex
Kick Me With Your Leather Boots
Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass)
This week, we feature Cork's Sultans Of Ping's 1993 debut. Idiosyncratic isn't the word. Had this been released five years later, it would have been revered as a classic, like anything vaguely guitarish was in the late '90s. Instead, it remains a hidden gem.

Nai Harvest - Jelly
Sheffielders with a new single - a double A no less - featuring this and Just Like You.

Tom Hingley Band - Beggar's Hand
Released for Record Store Day, this is the first single from the former Inspiral Carpets frontman's forthcoming album.

Happy Accidents - Leaving Parties Early
From the album You Might Be Right which comes out in summer.

Headsticks - Cold English Grey Skies
From the album Feather And Flame. Indie folk?

Kidsmoke - Heartache
From Wrexham, their new single.

Nesta - Superactively Fly
From Horbury, they played the Sportsman on Saturday night and were ace.

Featured album
Sultans Of Ping FC - Where's Me Jumper
The big hit from Casual Sex In The Cineplex. They should have been huge.

Virginia Wing - Rhonda
I was blown away by their record last year, Meshes. This doesn't quite have the same impact, but still pretty damn good.

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve - Diagram Girl
Interesting name. And a track that's attracting plenty of airplay, largely because it's rather good.

Art Trip and The Static Sound - Negative Energy
Amazing. The EP is called Oxymoron. Been a long time since I've heard anything quite like this.

Hud Mo - aMo Bishop Roden (remix)
Hudson Mohawke remixes the old Boards Of Canada track with astonishing results.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

12 April 2016

Really rather pleased with this week's selection. Let's dive in.

The Big Moon - Cupid
Kicking off with a four-piece from that there London. Recently signed to Fiction, this single comes out on May 13. They're touring. Be sure and catch their sunshiney indie pop.

Burnt Palms - Over
From what sounds like a lovely place - Seaside, California - this was on the LP Back On My Wall which came out in February. Gets better with repeat listenings.

CTMF - Escape To Argentina
The B-side to their February single You Lied. Better song for mine. Consistently brilliant.

Featured Album: Words And Music By Saint Etienne
I've Got Your Music
There just isn't a band or artist that purveys a more perfect pop sound. This is the album from 2012, their eighth studio LP and last to date. Joyous. They just keep ploughing this furrow that no-one else seems capable of. Yes it's pure pop, but it's far more intelligent than standard talent show fare.

Kassassin Street - Hand In My Pocket
Speaking of disco-infused pop, here's the new single from Portsmouth's Kassassin Street, a band we like a lot round here.

Charles Bradley - Ain't It A Sin
A man who made his name as a James Brown impersonator, but now a soul legend in his own right. The LP Changes came out on April 1 and it's no laughing matter. Brilliant stuff. Got to dance.

Palehound - Molly
A bit older, this one. Off the LP Dry Food which came out last summer. Love the driving bassline, powering it along.

Dead Belles - This Machine's Electric
Another one with a tremendous bassline. A debut single from this London group with an EP due next month.

John Grant - Voodoo Doll
We like the big feller a lot. This is the new single from last year's Grey Tickles, Black Pressure LP.

Massive Attack - Voodoo In My Blood
Keeping the voodoo theme going... Nobody expected new stuff from these when this landed. Young Fathers feature.

Featured Album: Words And Music By Saint Etienne
There is nothing about this track or this band that I dislike or think could be improved upon. This album is probably their best yet.

The Mouse Outfit - Step Steadier feat. Fox
Really good stuff from Manchester. Soulful beats underpin this track off last year's Step Steadier LP.

Alex Banks - Paraffin feat. Joel Dawes
A free download from the Brighton producer. Check the Soundcloud playlist below for details.

Explosions In The Sky - Infinite Orbit
From Texas, the LP The Wilderness has the feel of an ambient experiment. Except for this track, that is. Those drums draw you in.

Gordon - Coelacanthe (Vessels remix)
French producer Gordon has his track remixed by Leeds electro-geniuses Vessels with outstanding results.

Here's the YouTube:

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Back next week? See you there.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

5 April 2016

Backlog more or less cleared, so the featured album makes a return alongside the usual gubbins.

Sir Robert Orange Peel - The Spiral
What's not to like? It's Mark E Smith reading the classified football results set to and electronic beat. No box left unticked there.

Rauschenberg - Bad Sister
Off their self-titled LP which came out in January.

The Entrepreneurs - Routine Lines
Danish noise-makers whose EP Tony Rominger came out a week or two ago. Really good stuff.

Featured Album: Teleman - Breakfast
In Your Fur
Lady Low
I went to see these on Saturday as they tour ahead of the release of their second LP, Brilliant Sanity. But we feature their 2014 debut Breakfast here. It's just delicious. Not a bad track on it.

Flies On You - Property Vacant
One of my favourites, the Leeds DIY-ers put out Etcetera last year. However, some of the offcuts that didn't make it onto the LP were collated into an EP which came out on Christmas Day. Gloriously, it's titled Fan Base Repellent.

False Nines - Can't Afford To Wonder
Mancunian tune-smiths, this was released last November, but has only just reached my radar. A band formed thanks to the power of social media.

Nine Tons - Bullpup
These noisy chaps are from Tyneside. No Frills came out in January.

Psychic Soviets - Full Greek Salad
Glasgow now, from November's Eight And A Half On Each Foot.

Kingsley Chapman and The Murder - The Children Scream
Great band from Middlesbrough and this is their new single.

TVAM - Gas And Air
Joe Oxley from Wigan follows up the brilliant Porsche Majeure with the equally fantastic Gas And Air.

Featured Album: Teleman - Breakfast
I'm Not In Control
Our third track from Breakfast is the hidden track at the end of the album. Probably their best. Sounds amazing live.

Karl Bartos - Life
Former Kraftwerker re-releases the 'lost' album Communication. Originally released in 2003, it still sounds box fresh.

El Speaker - Zapapaya feat. Jhnsy and Highdiwaan
Bit of a curio from Paris. A song about a duck and a monkey, apparently.

Erasmus - Ti Recordi Di Me
The Dewaele brothers - aka Soulwax - come back with another alter ego to record the soundtrack to the film Belgica. The album was launched in February.

Oligarkh - Hallelujah
And finally, some Russian electronica off the LP Anatoly. It's dead good.

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