Tuesday, 29 December 2015

29 December 2015

Last show of the year, but none of this looking back and introspection. With christmas, football and weeks off, I've a massive backlog of stuff to get through, so it's business as usual.

Unqualified Nurse - You Pulled Through
Noisiness from Derby. From the album Put It On The Line which came out in November.

The Crookes - The Lucky Ones
A new track, available as a free download, from the forthcoming album of the same name. That's out on January 29.

Nai Harvest - Melanie
Staying with Sheffield, a new single from the LP Hairball which came out last spring.

Featured album
LCD Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator
LCD Soundsystem - Give It Up
This week, it's the self-titled debut LP from these which came out in 2005 and set a new standard in electro-pop.

Teleman - Fall In Time
A taster of a new album, following on from the huge success of Breakfast.

Actor - Uppercut
From Leeds and with a title like that, you'd expect it to pack a punch.

Jonny Firth - Mountain
We we dismayed by the break-up of Crybabycry, but front man Jonny Firth continues to make music on his own. Rich blues.

The Baggios - O Azar Me Consome
And continuing the blues theme, from their self-titled LP from 2011.

LewRey - What's Up?
More local stuff from their debut EP, also called What's Up?

Retroject - Lesson Learned
A new track from the Doncaster indie-merchants. Hopefully a portent of and longer player.

Featured album
LCD Soundsystem - Movement
Another one from our featured album, a record which hasn't really dated.

Super Besse - Mne Vse Odno
'I Do Not Care' to you. These are great. They're from Minsk and I've played them a fair bit before. The LP is 63610.

Origami Horses - The King Of Happenstance
These hail from Canterbury and the LP In Love And In Dub came out earlier this month on the always interesting Metal Postcards records.

Electric Eye - Bless
To Norway now. This is a delight and is off the album Different Sun which is due out in February.

Kelly Lee Owens - Arthur
And finally, the B-side of Owens's new single, Lucid. It's out on February 16.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

And we're back next week.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

22 December 2015 - the christmas special

Last show before the festivities, so it's christmas special time.

Jimmy Butler - Trim Your Tree
Because nothing says christmas quite like some thinly-veiled smut. From 1959 off the album Christmas In My Heart.

Oscar - It's Christmas Again
From one of 2015's breakout stars off Amazon's compilation Indie For The Holidays.

Carter USM - Christmas Shopper's Paradise
A not-particularly festive reworking of Shopper's Paradise for the christmas market from a few years back. Chuck some bells on, that'll do it.

Glam Chops - Countdown To Christmas
A bit of a supergroup with Art Brut's Eddie Argos at the front. This is from 2008 and is tremendous fun.

Helen Love and Friends - The Townhall Band
Raising money for the Trussell Trust, this features all sorts of other artists chipping in their two penn'orth. Jaunty enough innit.

I, Ludicrous - George Jenkins
The festive offering from the album Dull Is The New Interesting. Superb.

The Fall - (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas
From the EP of the same name dating from 2003. It's not christmas until you've heard Mark E Smith.

Cornershop - Every Year So Different feat. Trwbador
This is from 2012, and a total delight.

Clinic - Christmas
Avant-gardians from Liverpool. You can find it on the album Funf, a collection of B-sides from 2007.

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band - There Ain't No Santa Claus On The Evening Stage
From 1972's The Spotlight Kid. Not a well-received album with band tension at an all-time high. Needless to say. Beefheart blamed everyone but himself.

Goldie Lookin' Chain - John Lewis Christmas
Brilliant. Take that, John Lewis and everyone involved with that ad.

Joy Zipper - Christmas Song
Married couple from Long Island, this is from 2003.

The Smoking Trees - The Psychedelic Lights Of Christmas
Also on Tjinder Singh's Ample Play Records - he of Cornershop - comes this from the LA psych-merchants. This is off last year's EP Festive Christmas.

Laurence Made Me Cry - You Can't Have Christmas, It's Mine
Lamenting the lot of the birthday-at-christmas kids is Jo Whitby, aka Laurence Made Me Cry. This dates from 2012 with proceeds going to the NSPCC.

Council Tax Band - O Tannenbaum
Short and to the point. This is the festive offering from the Bedford noise-niks, available as a pay-what-you-like download.

Half Man Half Biscuit - All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
Now you've heard this, your christmas can begin. The traditional show-closer.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

Merry christmas!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8 December 2015

It's all about the final track this week. Consider the first 12 tracks as a preamble.

Imaginary People - Summerstock
An unmistakeably New York sound. Off the LP Dead Letterbox, which is a great title, which came out in summer.

The Chills - America Says Hello
Another one from the first Chills album in 15 years, Silver Bullets.

Featured Album
Art Brut - Formed A Band
Art Brut - Modern Art
Our featured LP this week is Art Brut's debut long-player Bang Bang Rock & Roll. It came out in 2005 and introduced us to a totally unique band. Just brilliant.

Brando's Island - Auto Warfare
To Australia now, a band completely new to me. And blimey do they kick up a racket. An LP is due shortly. And they raise a fair point. Did we even have  debate on shifting warfare to bunkers many thousands of miles away from battle?

Ghost Car - Be A Better Lady
Another track from their split LP with Summerisle, the Ghost Car bits which are now available as a self-titled EP.

The Migrant - Silence
Denmark now, and the new single from these psych-folk rockers. The album is Flood and it's out now.

Vertical Slump - Chanteuse
Comprising members of other bands, Shopping and Omi Palome for two, this is off the EP Ruined Value which came out last month.

Salary - Mini Moke
Back to Australia, Perth in fact, for this one. Out last week. Easy on the Autotune, eh?

Radar Men From The Moon - Deconstruction
Named for a 1952 B-movie, these are from Eindhoven. This is off the EP Subversive I which came out in October.

Featured Album
Art Brut - Good Weekend
Another one from Bang Bang Rock & Roll. A gem.

Blank Realm - River Of Longing
Back Down Under again, this time to Brisbane for another track from the LP Illegals In Heaven, their fifth, which is out now.

David Bowie - Blackstar
And so here it is, the new single from Bowie. An epic ten-minuter from an LP of the same name which is due out in January, his 25th studio album. Spectacular. He's gone full Scott Walker, hasn't he?

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

Not in next week - football - so the next one will be the christmas special in a fortnight.