Tuesday, 26 May 2015

26 May 2015

Hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday. Back at it now, yeah?

Yeah Yeah Noh - Let's Start A War
The Leicester unpoppers reformed in 2012 and their first album since then is Automatically Saturday.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love
The title track from their new one which is out today.

Outfit - New Air
The difficult second album, says the cliche. Well this is great for starters from Outfit's second. Slowness is the title and it's out next month. There just isn't anything else that sounds like this.

Cover Version Corner
Desmond Dekker & The Aces/Wild Billy Chyldish & CTMF - Israelites
It's hard to keep up with Billy Childish, in terms of volume of recording - he's a discography as long as your arm - collaborators - his latest is with the Spartan Dreggs - and spellings of Childish. This is off 2013's Die Hinterstoisser Traverse. Before that, from 1968, a UK number 1 and off the album Israelites. Well, one of two albums called Israelites.

Dommengang - Everybody's Boogie
Song of the week, intro of the year. The title track to their debut album which is out now.

Houndstooth - Bliss Boat
The lead track from the album No News From Home which came out in March.

Quailbones - Sunny Side Repulsion
From Kentucky and off a compilation from Sad Sack Records.

Stealing Sheep - Not Real
The title track - few of those this week - from their new album. Well, it's been out a while, but this is the new single.

Y CVn - La Superba
I'm not even trying to pronounce this. Either way, they're from Bristol and this is off Seducted which came out in December.

Tinariwen - Cler Achel
From Mali, a tip from a friend who, in discussing this year's Glastonbury festival, said they were the best thing he saw last year. This is from the 2007 album Aman Iman - Water Is Life to you.

One Degree of Separation
Nervous Twitch - This Modern World
Leo Brazil And His Twitch - I'm Free
Gloriously bonkers from Huddersfield's own Leo Brazil. That's off Born To Bow Down which came out last November. Before that, from Leeds and off Get Back In Line.

Moonlandingz - Psyche Ersatz
Another track from the Moonlandingz EP, a companion piece the Eccentronic Research Council's new album Johnny Rocket, Narcissist and Music Machine... I'm Your Biggest Fan. In it, Maxine Peake plays an obsessed fan of the lead singer of a band called Moonlandingz, and that band become real when the ERC and the Fat White Family - on whose label the album is released on - combine. Got that? Good.

DJ Yoda - 2468
Off his latest, DJ Yoda Presents Breakfast Of Champions.

Corner Control - Integer
Continuing Sheffield's long tradition in electronic music, this came out last May on an EP called Infrastructure.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

and we go again next week.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

19 May 2015

Hello again. I'm tired and behind schedule, so less chat more music.

Thee Faction - Employment
Still annoyed with the election and work very much is a four-letter word. Off 2013's Good Politics.

The Novatones - Daddy Didn't Know
You know, sometimes I play tracks that at the time of putting the show together I'm not sure about. Now, I really can't see what I saw in this Jamie-bloody-T-doing-an-impression-of-The-fucking-Libertines effort. Learned my lesson though.

Happy Hollows - Astrid
That's more like it. Out on May 24.

Cover Version Corner
The Cure/8:58 - A Forest
A classic from 1980 and the album Seventeen Seconds. And then, from the album 8:58, Paul Hartnoll's version with vocal assistance from the Unthanks.

Suck Puppet - Happy Meal
Grunge-tastic from Connecticut.

Birdskulls - Good Enough
Good enough for me, that's for sure. These are from Brighton and that's on an LP called Trickle.

Wild Billy Childish And The Spartan Dreggs - Fen Raft Spider
Record of the week. Off the new album called Archaeopteryx Vs Coelacanth. Of course. Out now on Squoodge.

FFS - Johnny Delusional
When it was announced that Franz Ferdinand and Sparks were merging to form FFS and their debut single was called Piss Off, it was April 1. I assumed it was a joke then and I'm still not certain that it isn't. Anyway, the LP FFS is due on June 9 unless I am right and it's all a massive hoax. Which it still might be. FFS indeed. Good though, innit.

JD Meatyard - Waves
John Donaldson, erstwhile of Levellers Three and Calvin Party, is JD Meatyard. The new album is Taking The Asylum and it's very good indeed.

Kid Wave - Honey
Splendid. More where that came from on Wonderlust, out June 1.

One Degree of Separation
Extradition Order - Boy In Uniform
Gang Of Four - I Love A Man In Uniform
Flipping love Gang Of Four. That's from 1982 and the LP Songs Of the Free. Before that, from Warrington and off the new album Kennedy. It's not biographical as such, but draws on the JFK era. They say it contains "the only disco anthem about Lyndon B Johnson seeking the Democratic nomination for the 1960 Presidential Election". Fair enough.

Summer Camp - Bad Love
The title track to their new LP out next week. 

Saffron - Morning Levine
Not the former lead singer of Republica, rather a Canadian producer (damn you, internet). The new album is Petra II. Different from what Republica did with their hit.

The Cyclist - Heart Of Stone
And to finish, Derry's Andrew Morrison is The Cyclist and the EP Hothouse came out last month. And this is just superb.

Here's that on Youtube:

and Soundcloud:

and I'll see you next week.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

12 May 2015

Still annoyed from last Thursday, but let's put those blues aside for an hour or so.

Those Unfortunates - I Wish That I Could Smile Like Malcolm
Formerly The Unfortunates, but it turned out there was someone else called that. A new single from them which is perky, punky pop. Out on June 13.

The Tormentos - Dragstrip Night
Surf guitar from Buenos Aires. It could be California in the '50s, but it's from 2003 off an album called Go!

Oscar - Beautiful Words
This should be big. Pop, but with enough about it to poke it's head above the mainstream. Oscar is Oscar Scheller from London and this is on an EP of the same name, out June 22.

Cover Version Corner
Oasis/The Baggios - Rock 'n' Roll Star
I promise not to play another Oasis record, but I love the Baggios version of this which is out on an album called Live Forever, celebrating 20 years since Definitely Maybe came out. The Baggios themselves have been going 10 years now and have a DVD out soon, but not being a Portuguese-speaker I think it might be lost on me.

The Fall - Dedication Not Medication
Their 31st studio album is Sub-Lingual Tablet. Out on May 25, ordering it helped take my mind off the election results.

Sweet Benfica - Lasso
This is yet another excellent track from the Welsh lo-fi-ers. Out now as a pay-what-you-like download from their Bandcamp page.

Dignan Porch - Out Of The Picture
New single from these out now on Art Is Hard. Splendid stuff from a reliable label.

Personal Best - This Is What We Look Like
Made up of members of three other bands, Bristol's Personal Best have their debut album Arnos Vale out now and this is from it. While we may have our right to be free from discrimination - for now at least, until they go Full Metal Tory - it still exists.

Andy Bean - You Talk Too Much
Talk too much, do too little. Mea culpa.

Cloud - Sunshine Psych
Perfect for summer, Long Island's Cloud have their album Zen Summer out now.

One Degree of Separation
Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies - Don't Listen To The Government
Manic Street Preachers - The Masses Against The Classes
No massive link apart from my extreme disappointment at the prospects of what a Tory majority might attempt to get away with.

Motion Studies - In Our Days
We're all missing LCD Soundsystem, but perhaps some of us more than others. Tyler McCauley is the main driver behind Motion Studies and there's a clear influence there. Hearts Will Beat is out now.

Blanck Mass - Dead Format
Benjamin John Power, half of Fuck Buttons, is Blanck Mass. Been a while since he released anything under that name, but Dumb Flesh is the new one.

Kolsch - Two Birds
And finally, German producer Rune Reilly Kolsch has this out as a new single. Available from the usual outlets.

Here's that on Youtube:

and Soundcloud:

and we'll do it again next week.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 May 2015

All refreshed after the Bank Holiday? Let's do this.

The Vinyl Records - Whims
And we'll start in New Delhi and the title track from their January EP. Perky, quirky, excellent.

Brawlers - Windowmisser
The first of a number of tracks from Leeds bands this week. This is off their debut LP Romantic Errors Of Our Youth which came out last month on Alcopop! Records.

Thee Faction - Choose Your Enemy
And an even longer album title... Songs That Remind The Class Of The Glorious Victory To Come And The Work That Must Be Done To Get There. There's an election soon, y'know.

Cover Version Corner
The Wedding Present/Heathers - Dalliance
Back to Leeds and possibly my favourite Weddoes track, definitely off my favourite of their albums, Seamonsters from 1991. LA's Heathers put their version out on an EP called I Know (Part-Time Punk Session) in May last year.

Flies On You - Action Stations!
And yet another Leeds band... I finally got hold of their latest album Etcetera this week and it is excellent. Did I mention that election?

Crybabycry - Love Got Me Wrong
To Wakey now and one of my favourite bands du jour with a new track.

Serpent Power - Last Ape In Space
Ian Skelly, formerly of The Coral, and Paul Molloy of The Zutons with some contemporary San Francisco psych.

The Vaccines - Dream Lover
A couple of tracks that lean more to the commercial side now, but I'll be independent in my own choice of music thank you. Everything I know suggests I shouldn't like The Vaccines, but I do, so there. This is the second single taken from the album English Graffiti which comes out on the 25th.

The Maccabees - Marks To Prove It
A new single from a forthcoming and as yet unnamed album. Ploughing a unique furrow.

Nueva Costa - Glacé
And now for something completely different... This is lovely. It came out last September on an EP called Ave Del Paraiso. That's all I've got.

One Degree of Separation
Pete & The Pirates - Blood Gets Thin
Teleman - Not In Control
I've played Teleman quite a bit and here's another track from their acclaimed debut album Breakfast, possibly my favourite track off it. But while I've played Teleman often, I've not played the band that spawned them before. Three-quarters of Teleman are three of the Pirates from Pete & The Pirates. And that track is pretty much perfect.

The Smiling Disease - The Klingon Race
A debut album from Olly Moss, bassist from Evans The Death. But as well as a debut, it's also a collection of recordings from the last six years, hence the title Beach Bodies: 2008-2014.

(m+a) - Ninja ft Spank Rock
The m is Michele Ducci, the a is Alessandro Degli Agnoli and that track is ace. Off the EP Anyway Milkyway which came out last month.

Julian Cope - Double Vegetation
And finally, great news for gig-goers in the area, such as myself, as the second-best recording artist ever is playing Holmfirth in July. I've got my ticket already and I'm excited beyond belief. So here's a track from the 1991 album Peggy Suicide.

Here that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

and we'll do it again next week. See you.