Tuesday, 25 July 2017

25 July 2017

A longer than expected break - got my dates wrong. Anyway, back in the saddle with loads of good stuff and a return of the featured album.

Talk Like Tigers - It Isn't Over
This has been on my radar for quite some time, so it's overdue to be played. Twin sisters Charlotte and Stephanie from Newcastle are Talk Like Tigers and this is infectious.

Burning Ferns - Go On, Make Me
More top stuff from South Wales, which is really a hotbed of great new music. This is off the LP See Saw Seen. Easy for you to say. Hints of Teenage Fanclub, which is always a good thing.

Birdskulls - Over It
Noise from Brighton from their self-titled LP. Reminds me of Dinosaur Jr to an extent.

Featured album: The Cuban Boys - Machines
Theme For A Revolution

The Pop Machine
A return of the featured album... err... feature. And I bring it back because there's an album out that warrants multiple tracks playing from it. It's been ages since the Cuban Boys put out an LP and, as the name may suggest, it's about machines, specifically the industrial revolution. Yes, it's a concept album, but before you run away give it a listen. Thematically, it's entirely on point and it works as a whole. But by the same token, individual tracks work just fine in isolation. It's fabulous. Go buy it.

The Debt Stars - Shallow Grave
From Liverpool via Sydney. Enjoyably noisome rockabilly-tinged punk. And I'm reminded of the Membranes.

Meatraffle - Love Hz
The flip side of the latest single Brother. This is Ian Dury level stuff.

Cambodian Space Project - Summer Wine
A cover of the old Lee Hazlewood classic from the LP Spaced Out In Wonderland which is flippin ace.

Toy - Dream Orchestrator (TVAM remix)
Well I like Toy and I like TVAM, so this should be a slam dunk. And it is.

Featured album: The Cuban Boys - Machines
Kids From The Rotating Door Of Fame
One of a few tracks off the album that samples the old Ealing comedy I'm Alright Jack to good effect.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - An Intention
Lovely track from the LA singer from the LP The Kid.

Tricky - When We Die feat. Martina Topley-Bird
Reviving a partnership that goes back to 1995, it's new stuff from the Bristol godfather of trip-hop. ununiform is the new LP.

Four Tet - Two Thousand And Seventeen
A new one from Kieran Hebden, which is always a joy.

Aphex Twin - Korg Funk 5
And a new one from Richard D James, featuring his son on vocals. A new LP on the way, we all hope.


Soundcloud (for as long as they're still going):


Back next week

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

4 July 2017

Now then.

Sugar Coat - Come And Get Me
Stunning, and with a Portishead-esque edge, from Lewisham. The album Excuse The Mess came out in May.

The Hamilton Mixtape - Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)
From the musical Hamilton, and featuring Riz Ahmed among several others.

Fews - Metal
From Malmo but now based in London, this is a cover of a 1979 Gary Numan track which appears on the album Means which is tremendous.

El Goodo - Sit And Wonder
A first LP in eight years from the South Wales outfit. By Order Of The Moose is out in early September.

Tamikrest - Wainan Adobat
Malian touaregs Tamikrest have a new LP out called Kidal.

Amplifier - Rainbow Machine
Manchester prog revivalists with a track from the LP Trippin With Doctor Faustus which came out last Friday.

Dystopian Future Movies - Pieces
More experimentalism, this time from Nottingham. Time came out at the start of June.

Cock Sparrer - Gonna Be Alright
Veteran London punks - they've been at it for forty years and some - from the new LP Forever.

Voyager - Ascension
To Perth in Australia now, the remotest city on earth. Ghost Mile is the album.

What We Call Progress - January
From Northumberland, this is off the EP Arrhythmia.

Dan O'Farrell And The Difference Engine - Haunted Houses Of The Hollywood Hills
From Southampton, and from their self-titled album.

Deer - In The Shadows
One of a number of bands called Deer, these are Mexican but based in Hong Kong now.

The Charlatans - Plastic Machinery (Sleaford Mods remix)
Madchester survivalists tease their latest LP Different Days by putting out this remix of one of the tracks thereon.

Leftside Wobble And Steve Cobby - Let It Be Me
And a London/Hull collaboration to finish. A very 1990s sound.




Holidays next week. See you in a fortnight.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

27 June 2017 - the 200th edition!

Yes, it's show number 200. Unbelievable.
I thought about some sort of retrospective, but then checked my emails, my notebook, my twitter favourites and there's just way too much great new stuff out there to get distracted by navel-gazing. So it's business as usual.

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit - White Man's World
Good old Alabama folk off Isbell's new one, The Nashville Sound.

The X-Ray Cat Trio - I Lied
And good old rockabilly from the new EP by the Leeds three-piece. This is the title track.

Forest Swords - Arms Out
Liverpool producer Matthew Barnes is Forest Swords and his new one is called Compassion.

Tombstones In Their Eyes - I Want To Fly
We've got quite a bit from LA today, starting with this one from the EP Fear.

Andy K Leland - Home Grown Muck
A new single from Andrea Marcellini as he puts more distance between his former existence as My Cruel Goro bassist.

Imaad Wasif - Carry The Scar
Back to LA. This is off Dzi - pronounced 'zee' - which comes from the Tibetan book of the dead.

The Indelicates - Top Of The Pops
Sussex DIY vaudevillians from the new LP Juniverbrecher, out now.

Forever Cult - Codeine
More Leeds stuff, off the new EP Homewrecker.

Pattern Language - By The Time We Get There
Another track from the album Total Squaresville, this sounds very OMD.

Equinox - Kiss (ft Feral Five)
This is excellent. Equinox are a poetry collective from the North West and have combined with a range of people to set those poems to music. The result is It's Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin and it's excellent.

Bonaventure - Supremacy
Soraya Lutagu is Bonaventure - a Swiss/Congolese producer - and that African/European existence informs her new LP Free Lutangu throughout. Exceptional.

Andy Mac - Stormy
Cornish dub now, the flip side of the single Diving Bird 2.

Shinichi Atobe - First Plate 3
And finally, some Japanese house. Three tracks called First Plate appear on Atobe's EP From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art which is made up of lost tracks from the last 17 years.



Thanks for listening to the past 200 times. We go again.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

20 June 2017

Ow do.

Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut & Eddie Argos - Pop Stars Down The Pub
Not always men, not always young, these are a collective from the south east with this being their new single.

Best Ex - Someday
Candy Hearts are now Best Ex and this is off Ice Cream Anti Social which is out in July.

The Sums - Hose Me Down
Liverpool four-piece. From their 2016 album Start At The Finish. Sounds like The Las.

Miraculous Mule - Ain't It Hard
Manchester band with a track off their new single Sound Of The Summer.

The Immediate - Not Shabby
Terrific track from the Chester band from their album Manbuoy. Sounds like Julian Cope.

Second Hand - Something You Got
The 1971 prog classic Death May Be Your Santa Claus has had a reissue.

Hater - Coming Down
These are from Malmo and this is the new single, recorded in the sessions for their LP You Tried.

Tigercub - By Design
Off the new album Abstract Figures In The Dark.

Natterers - Exist Or Live
Yorkshire punks with a cut from the forthcoming EP Toxic Care.

Current Affairs - Cheap Cut
Siouxsie-esque stuff from Glasgow.

Femme - Fire With Fire
A new track from the London chanteuse. A second album is in the offing, channelling her inner UK garage.

Pattern Language - Le Choc Des Etoiles
Chris Frain of Boulder, Colorado, is Pattern Language and this is off Total Squaresville.

Korma - Tears Of Wine
Seattle's Tommy Mertens is Korma and this is off a Cybersonic LA compilation.

Fit Of Body - 770-997-2341
Droney goodness from Atlanta's Ryan Parks off his EP, Healthcare.

Graham Dunning - Crude Oil
London producer with a cut from the EP Monochrome.



More next week.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

13 June 2017

Just the ten tracks tonight as there are a few long uns in there.

Island Apollo - Hold It Down
And something sunshiney to start with, the new single from these Southern Californian indie rockers.

Cherry Glazerr - Told You I'd Be With The Guys
A new one from the LA trio and their first since signing to the Secretly Canadian label. From the album Apocalipstick.

The Pink Tiles - Sammy
To Melbourne next and a track from the LP #1 Fan.

Los Snorkels - Clank!
Surf guitar from La Plata, Argentina, now. This is off Surfing In Silver River which is fantastic.

Bitumen - Honey Hunter
Back to Melbourne. This is off a split-cassette with No Sister.

Bettie Serveert ft Peter te Bos - Love Sick
Amsterdam trio with a track from the LP Damaged Good which came out last autumn.

Red Axes - Hamem Oti
Another one from last autumn, this time from Tel Aviv. Off the album Ahuzat Bait.

King Ayisoba - Sooba
And one more from last year. Albert Apoozore is from Ghana and takes traditional music in new directions.

Mogwai - Coolverine
Finally, a follow-up to 2014's Rave Tapes. Every Country's Sun is out in September.

Superpitcher - Bluesin
And to finish, 17 minutes of Cologne... well I don't know what it is. I don't really care either. Astonishing. This is off The Golden Ravedays 5 which is out in a week or two.




Plenty more of that kind of thing next week.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

30 May 2017

Quiet bank holiday? Not much happened? Ah well.

Fizzy Blood - Pawn
Noisy bunch from Leeds. This is their latest single, a discourse on predatory behaviour and using people's desperation to persuade them to do things not in their interests.

Oro Swimming Hour - Overthrown
Off Penrose Winoa, a collaboration between Bristol's Art Is Hard records and Brooklyn's Orchid Tapes.

Meatraffle - Brother
Their first single since their debut LP Hi-Fi Classics, they are avoiding difficult second album syndrome by skipping the second, so the next one will be their third.

Deer - How I Feel
Going back a couple of years for this one from Mexico.

Bearcats - The Big Surprise
This came out last autumn, off the Californian's Candy EP,

The Kimberly Steaks - Wrong Exit
Glasgow now, and one from 2014 off the LP To Live And Die In West Central Scotland.

Feature - Schedules Align
Another one from the debut and valedictory album Banishing Ritual which is dead good.

Cannibale - Rays Of Light
To Paris, and this is on No Mercy For Love.

The Foreign Resort - She Is Lost
And Copenhagen next, this is their new single with an LP to follow.

Wave - PJ
From the brilliantly named album Jurassic Parkour.

We Are Quasars - Post-Wave
These are from Carlisle and are bloody good. This is off Resistance which came out a couple of weeks back.

Five Pence Game - D Minor Disappointment ft Faithful Johannes
Five Pence Game is a collaborative project from Novocastrian Ally Morton. This features Outside Your House man Faithful Johannes and appears on the EP Oxygen.

Whirling Hall Of Knives - Selectivsnapp
Irish electronic duo with a new EP/mini-album Voix.

Brainwaltzera - Muddy Puddle Trot
Is it Richard D James, he of Aphex Twin? It seems it very well may be. This is off the EP Aescoba.




Not in next week. Back to normal the week after.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

23 May 2017

Ahoy there.

She Makes War - I Want My Country Back
Laura Kidd with an impassioned plea to restore Britain to the values we used to hold before kowtowing to UKIP and the voices of intolerance.

The X-Ray Cat Trio - The Buzzards Claw
Leeds rockabilly three-piece that I saw live a wee while back. This is off their 2015 album Out For Blood.

Tranqs - Blood
London band who are touring with Eight Rounds Rapid. This is the title track from their 2016 EP.

Public Service Broadcasting - They Gave Me A Lamp
So what were they going to do next? Well, it's a concept album about the rise and fall of the Welsh coal-mining industry. Every Valley is out on July 7.

Halo Orbit - Subump
A three-piece based in New York, LA and Tokyo. This is the title track from their album that came out in February.

Spasibo - К Гудвину ​(​To Goodwin)
Fanny Kaplan - Laughter
There's a decent line in post-punk bands coming out of Russia right now and here are two of them. Both are from Moscow. The first track comes from Spasibo's 2013 album mini, while the second is from Self-Titled from 2015.

Missing Organs - Blood Factory
An Austrian curio. This is off Old Speakers which came out in March.

Arms And Sleepers - Love Is Everywhere (Summer Edit)
A breezy update for the track from Life Is Everywhere which came out in January. Just in time for some warmer weather.

Phil Reynolds and The Uncertain Futures - White Claw (Isvisible Mix)
From Douglas on the Isle Of Man, here's a remix of a track taken from White Claw which came out in March.

Cobby And Litten - For The Many (Extended version)
The Hull poetry and beats project with a free download. Hopefully you've already registered to vote - the deadline was yesterday - and now you need to go and vote Labour.




Same again next week.