Monday, 19 February 2018

19 February 2018

Good evening.

Pete Astor - Water Tower
Formerly of The Loft and The Weather Prophets, here Astor is backed by the rhythm section from The Wave Pictures on track from his LP One For The Ghost which came out on Friday.

BB Eye - Cops With Indigestion
From the amusingly named Knob Nestor in Missouri, this is off Headcheese Heartthrob which came out in December.

Cold Meat - Nice Girls
A bit of feminist punk from Perth, Australia, off the 7" Pork Sword Fever.

Vile Assembly - Division Of Labour
Liverpool band with a new single that came out a couple of weeks back.

Wild Fruit Art Collective - Fabric
Also from Liverpool, this came out on Friday.

Adwaith - Newid
Welsh language stuff now. These are form Camarthen and it also came out on Friday.

Bloodywood - Tunak Tunak Tun feat. Bonde Do Metaleiro
Daler Mehndi had a bhangra hit on his hands in the 1990s with Tunak Tunak Tun. Here, New Delhi's Bollywood and Brazilian metallers Bonde Do Metaleiro give it the hard rock treatment. Great fun.

Jack Perrett - Nothing For Anyone
A track from the new EP What You Saying?

Awolnation - Seven Sticks Of Dynamite
Brilliant. More or less a solo project for LA's Aaron Bruno these days, this is off Here Come The Runts which came out at the start of February.

Lonely Tourist - Last Day At Tony's
To Bristol now, a track from the album Remuneration which came out a week ago.

The Fish Police - Cactus
Edge Myself To The Middle is the album and it's out on March 15.

High Rise Finale - Loneliness
Barnsley's finest electro-poppers with a brand spanking new single.

Kero Kero Bonito - Only Acting
A new single from the London outfit.

ShapeShiftingAliens - Showing My Face
Swedish steampunk electro-goth. This appears on their self-titled LP which came out at the back end of last year.

Stonerpop - Headglow
From Louisiana, this is off Physical Business, out on March 9.

Engine - Spaiz Oddeetee
Leeds band with a tribute to Bowie.




And I ran to time! More of this sort of thing in a week.

Monday, 5 February 2018

5 February 2018

Show 222, double nelson.

Sally Pepper - Sepia
New single from the Blackpool singer/songwriter, came out last Friday.

John Moore - Philosophical Man
Ex of the Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Box Recorder, this is off the new LP Knickerbocker Glory which came out on Friday.

Lazy Day - Weird Cool
Formerly a solo project of Tilly Scantlebury, now a fully-formed band. This is out on March 9 onthe ever-reliable Art Is Hard label.

The Bronsons - Slip In Your Skin
Punk veterans with a new one - a tribute to Cramps frontman Lux Interior.

The Flux Capacitors - Paul
A tremendous band featuring Hazel Winter and The Commander (Michael McNeil) and a rotating cast of musicians. This is off Courtesan which is out now.

The Chats - Smoko
In case you ever wondered what a fag break is called in Australia. From the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, this is another one of the album Get This In Ya.

Cloacas - Power
And from the same spot, this is off the album Straight Up Ya Clacka. Australian punk would appear to be in safe hands.

Sextile - Ripped
One from last summer, these are from LA and it's off the album Albeit Living. Like a modern day Severed Heads or Cabaret Voltaire.

Field Music - Count It Up
A new one from the Sunderlanders, taking the current political debate to task. The album Open Here is out now.

Beans - Rainbows Get Sick And Die
Almost a year old now, but I only came across it in this last week. Absolutely superb, Beans is formerly of the Antipop Consortium and this is off Wolves Of The World.

Night Cleaner - Solids (No Tint)
Atlanta's Matthew Lambert is Night Cleaner and this is off Even which came out last month.

Leg Puppy - Silence 23 feat Ceiling Demons & Eirene
A terrific LP from the South Londoners, You Should Be Paranoid is out now. Here they are in cahoots with friends of the show Ceiling Demons.

MDK - Better Days
The MDK standing for Morgan David King, a producer from Vancouver.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Make Out Fade Out
Throwing forward to March 23 now which is when Hormone Lemonade comes out. It's a double album from the ever-inventive Berliners.

Mildlife - The Magnificent Moon
Absolutely brilliant. If you're going to make a debut single, make a statement with it. From Melbourne, this is out now.




Not in next week - family up. See you in a fortnight.

Monday, 29 January 2018

29 January 2018

Notebooks out, plagiarists.

The Fall - Bury parts 1 & 3
The Fall - Leave The Capitol
I first heard The Fall in 1991, one of their many sessions for the John Peel show. It was like nothing else. Near enough 30 years later, there is still nothing else that sounds like them. 66 musicians may have come and gone and yet they always retained that one thing - Mark E Smith. Now he too has gone and the prospect of never having another Fall album stretches out in front of us. But then there are 31 studio albums and however many live ones to go at.
Always different, always the same. Never boring.

Favx - Vanilla
Madrid trio Nico, Daniel and Carlos with a track from the new EP Welfare which came out on the 12th.

The Lovely Eggs - Wiggy Giggy
Always a pleasure to hear the Lovely Eggs, Lancaster's finest husband and wife psych-rock duo. This is the first single taken from the new album This Is Eggland. That's out on February 23.

Bearfoot Beware - Point Scorer
From Leeds, this is off their forthcoming second album, Sea Magnolia, which will be with us on March 16.

Death Pedals - Endless Terrain
At the end of last year, the members of London noise rockers Death Pedals knew the writing was on the wall. Hence, the new album, self-titled, will be their third and last. And it's a shame as it's really good. The members of the band also appear with USA Nails, Biglad and Dead Arms, so if this is your bag, go there.

Haunch - Twitching
A debut album from Northern Ireland, as recommended by Therapy? which is always a badge of honour. Lay My Bones Beside The Others is out now.

The Surfing Magazines - New Day
Bit late to this, given half of these are Dave and Franic of The Wave Pictures, long time favourites of this parish, and half of Slow Club. Given those ingredients it ought to work. And it does. The self- titled album came out in September.

Birds & Beasts - The Current
Here's a good one. Local outfit fronted by the prolific Leo Brazil whose USP is that all their songs are about animals. This one is about and their use of electrical signals to communicate. This is out on March 9.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Mainland
Five-piece from Melbourne with a track from the EP The French Press, their first for Sub Pop, which came out last week.

Andy K Leland - Mr Panic
The excuse for playing this is a new video has been released for this track which is off the EP Happy Daze which came out last September. Lo-fi stuff from Andrea Marcellini.

Samh - Completely Normal Things
A new track from Huddersfield's Sam Hodgson and band off the EP Wood On Rain (An Ecology Of Rain, Part 1) which came out in December. Part 1, that is, "of a string of creative projects about taste, identity, the universe, Yorkshire and rain."

Alone - New Adventures In Colour
New electronica on a variety of bits of machines and unashamedly 8-bit. Glorious.

The Fall - Container Drivers
The Fall - Hit The North
It's one of them things where I feel a bit envious of people who are just discovering this stuff for themselves because I know what's in store and want to do that again. There will be other bands, of course, but never anything like The Fall and Mark E Smith.




And hopefully next January, we can go without one of my music heroes dying. All the best, Julian Cope and Nigel Blackwell.

Monday, 22 January 2018

22 January 2018

Another week, so let's get it started the right way.

Eels - The Deconstruction
The title track to the new album which comes out on April 6.

Yasuaki Shimizu - Suiren
Released in 1982, the album Kakashi has had a reissue on Palto Flats records.

Ought - Disgraced In America
Another track from the highly anticipated forthcoming album Room Inside The World.

The DB3 - Devil's Driver
A garage rock/surf guitar trio from Portsmouth, this is off the LP Thee DB3 which has very much a motoring theme running through it..

Vile Assembly - Suicide Feast
Overtly political punk from Liverpool off the album Fattened By The Horrors Of War which came out at the back end of last year.

The Spook School - Body
Another track from the album Could It Be Different? which is out on Friday.

King Woman - I Wanna Be Adored
A new single from San Francisco's King Woman, originally the solo project of singer Kristina Esfandiari which morphed to encompass the whole band. The album Created in The Image Of Suffering is out now.

Xylaroo - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Another quirky cover, this is the B side to the debut single Sunshine from London-based sisters Holly and Coco Chant.

Tigercub - Faking Laughter
A track from the EP Evolve Or Die which was launched alongside a signature craft beer, Safemode.

From - Bellandonna
Taken from the album Y.O.U which came out on the 12th but was recorded way back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Trevor Jackson and his alter-ego Underdog are responsible.

Nova Flares - Gut Splinter
From Kentucky, this slice of instrumentalism is off the EP Nova Flares which is out on March 9.

Nathan Fake - Sunder
The title track to the new album which is out on February 23.

Daniel Avery - Slow Fade
And another title track to something new, this time out on April 6.

Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss - Skull Dub
And finally, a brilliant bit of Greek dub from last autumn. Guerilla Toss are a New York-based post-punk outfit while Athenian producer Dimitris Papadatos goes by the moniker Jay Glass Dubs. Absolutely fantastic, the EP is titled Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss.




Back same time next week

Monday, 15 January 2018

15 January 2018

Hello again.

Dream Wife - Hey Heartbreaker
From London via Iceland, this is off their self-titled debut EP.

Phobophobes - Miniature World
The title track from the highly anticipated debut album from the South Londoners.

The Autumn Stones - Time Is A River
These are from Toronto and as they head into the studio to work on album number three, here's a track from their last one, 2015's Escapists.

Dreamherbs - Break Your Jaw
The first of four singles that they'll release this month. A veritable sonic punch to the face.

Halo Maud - Baptism
A French curio, which you can find on the ever-reliable Heavenly label.

Samh - Just Like Me & You They Don't Know What They're Doing
Local chap Sam Hodgson with his band's new single from last Friday. He's also put out a pay-what-you-like download on his bandcamp of some other new songs.

Happy Accidents - Text Me When You're Home
The new single, from the album Everything But The Here And Now which is due out on February 16.

Candy Opera - What A Way To Travel
From Liverpool, taken from the LP 45 Revolutions Per Minute. Which I presume will play at 33 and a third.

Kosmonaut - Debbie Harry's Smile (California On Fire mix)
Kosmonaut have split up, which is a bit sad, but they leave us with this reworking of their single by The Luxembourg Signal.

Spray - The Magic 8-Ball Lies
Ricardo Autobahn and Jen McLaren of The Cuban Boys with a track from their side-project. Enforced Fun came out in 2016, but new stuff is due imminently.

Otis Mensah - Oh Jane
A couple of wonderfully lyrical tracks from the rap singers now, starting with this which was produced by Berliner intern.

TrueMendous - Childish Behaviour ft Janel Antoneshia
A staggering vocal feat from the LP PS This Is Your Mother Calling.

The Major - Tears In Rain
Another side-project, this time from Jim Burke, aka Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer. The album is A.D.S.R. Soul.

Chris Carter - Blissters
A first release in 17 years from the electronica guru and former Throbbing Gristle man. The album is Chemistry Lessons volume 1.

The Night Programme - Muzak Replete
And finally, old friend Paul Foster with a track from his new release Programme 2. Nice call-back to the last New Order album as well. Top stuff as ever.




Back in a week

Monday, 8 January 2018

8 January 2018

In the new (old) Monday slot.

Roger Robinson - New Maps
London/Trinidad dub poet Robinson brought out the LP Dog Heart City in August. And it's bloody amazing.

Suburban Homes - Unemployed
Crawley-based self-styled losers with their October single.

Ferocious Dog - American Dream
Whatever else, at least Trump is providing artists with inspiration. Small comfort, I know. This is off the Nottinghamshire neo-folksters third album, Red.

The Chats - Temperature
One from last summer, this is off the Queenslanders EP Get This In Ya.

Queen Zee & The Sasstones - Idle Crown
Liverpool garage-punk freaks with their single from back in November.

Inferior Complex - You're The Only One For Me
Southampton band and you can see immediately why they were attractive to Manchester label German Shepherd. Very New Order. This came out a couple of weeks back.

Thick Syrup - Jennifer
The lead track from the forthcoming album Living In Leeds due out on Gringo in February. They're from Leeds. Obviously.

Hello Operator - Oosh
From my home town of York, this is their single from October.

Engine - Cucumber Water
Back to Leeds and this is the title track to the EP that came out last month.

Wasuremono - For All The Bears
From Wiltshire, despite the Japanese name, this is off Something Left Behind which is out on the 31st.

EMA - MopTops (Dance While The World Stops)
Erika M Anderson is from Portland, Oregon, and the LP Exile In The Outer Ring came out last month.

Tombstones In Their Eyes - Shutting Down
The new single from the LA psych-rockers.

Rob Mayzes - Dust
The title track from the EP that came out a few weeks ago.

Steve Cobby - Heure d'Or
The maestro with a track from the LP Hemidemisemiquaver which is flippin' ace and you need to own.

Lesbian Horse - Battle Weapon C
Been a while since we had a track from Sam Jones's alter-ego, but he keeps plugging away on Soundcloud and this is among his best work.

The Caulfield Beats - Come Get Some
And finally, electro-garage from London off the LP NewAcid which came out in September.



Back same time next week

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2 January 2018

My last Tuesday show. From next week, I'm going back to Mondays because reasons. It'll still be the usual. Like this:

Rachel Mason - Time To Resign ft. Donald Trump
Also known as Future Clown, LA singer Mason does a Cassetteboy on 45 who can f--- right off in 2018 please.

Anarchistwood - Bomb In A Luggage Rack
Anarcho-dayglo-punk warriors with a single from the back end of November.

Whirling Hall Of Knives - 8ark
A freebie from the Irish instrumentalists to herald the new year.

DateMonthYear - March
Another one from November, this time from Hamilton in New Zealand. Not a band, they say, but a new way of making music.

Kudzu - No Backbone
The lead single taken from the LP Defeated which is due out early in 2018.

Peggy Sue - Slow Fade
The London-via-Brighton duo with a track from their as yet untitled fifth album, due soon.

The Creature Comfort - What We Want (Power, Corruption And Lies)
Mancunian psych-influenced rockers with a terrific new one that came out a couple of weeks ago.

John MOuse - End Of Mankind
He said he was done making music, but John 'MOuse' Davies got back in the studio with former bandmate Steven Black - Sweet Baboo to you - to make the album Replica Figures. Out in February.

The Stroppies - Gravity Is Stern
Missed this in spring, the album The Stroppies came out in May. They're from Melbourne.

Cross Country - Grass Stains
Even older, this is from September 2016. They're from Cincinnati and is off the EP Trials.

Sam Valdez - It's Alright
Blending shoegaze with Americana to create her sound.

Mythic Sunship - Cosmic Rupture
Taken from their third LP Upheaval which is out on the 12th.

Vast Asteroid - Sick
More from LA and more shoegazey stuff, taken from their self-titled LP which came out in November.

The Junta - I Second That Emoji
From Salford and another one from earlier in 2017 that we'd missed until now. This is off the EP Ergo which came out back in June.

Milkywhale - Rhubarb Girl
From Reykjavik, this is off their self-titled album from May. Another one we missed...

Tetraneutron - Strawmanistan
And now you must forgive the indulgence. One of the things I'm most proud of in 2017 is making a record - this record - with beatmaker Pete McGarry. Still very available at Broken Down Records.




Back in 6 days then. Ta-ta.